Find Your Actual Cost of Driving a Dodge Dart per Day near Sacramento CA

Find Your Actual Cost of Driving a Dodge Dart per Day near Sacramento CA
If you can drive 20 MPG, and each gallon costs $3.00, then without even considering insurance, vehicle depreciation or repairs it costs $0.15 a mile to drive a 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan in Sacramento, CA. Let's start with an easy one, The Dodge Dart, remember these MPG rates are rough estimates. Go to Nissan.com for more accurate info.
The real cost when driving a 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan around Sacramento, CA. 
The combined MPG rate of a 2015 Dodge Dart is 31 MPG combined. This was and can be found at https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/noframes/35489.shtml. Gas prices are around 2.40 if you get a good deal. The average person drives 12,000 miles a year as a simple google search will yield. If you take 12,000 and divide it by 365 you'll get 33 miles a day. We know that 33 miles would cost you less than one gallon of fuel. The true price for gas would be about $2.40 for fuel. Remember this is under the assumption that you drive 12,000 miles a year.
So far, our total cost for driving in Sacramento, CA. is $3.30. Let's look at the price of the car.
A 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan has a MSRP of $22,105 Sentra to Nissan.com. It says Sedan, but doesn't specify which trim. USA today says the 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan lasts 200,000 miles. Say your Sentra will drive 200,000 miles, it will putter to its final stop when it hits 200,000 no more and no less. If you drive 12,000 miles a year it will take 16.67 years before your 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan expires.
In addition, a 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan will depreciate during a 200,000 mile life span or 16.67 years. This is equal to 6,061 days driving. Take $22,105 and divide it by 6061 days to get the cost per day in terms of depreciation. This ends up being approximately $3.65 a day in car depreciation. This puts our total cost per day at: $6.95
There is more! You'll still have required maintenance. If everything goes perfect, and you follow your service schedule with your car your costs will be as follows. Sentra to there are some simple rules to follow.  A great suggestion might be our dealership. We have an awesome maintenance program that saves you a lot of money, it's called Car Doc. Remember, and your driving habits will affect this too.

Five Year
Three Year
Oil Change - Includes Oil Filter
 10 $500
Engine Air filter
 3 5 $160
Cabin Air Filter
Oil Treatment
The first Oil Treatment is covered under the Car Doc. We bet the added performance will make this a "no brainer" in the future.
 N/A $20
Tire Rotation
 7 4 7 $140
Four-Wheel Alignment
The first four-wheel alignment is covered under the Car Doc. Moving forward, your Service Advisor will make recommendations on alignment issues.
 1 1 1 $80
Fuel Induction Service
The Car Doc program covers the first flush at 15,000 miles. Getting your fuel system squeaky clean keeps your engine running smooth and you feeling good.
 1 1
Brake Service
Replace Brake Pads & Turn Rotors. Front: 30K / Rear 60K
 2 1 0 $500
Multi-point Inspection
 Anytime FREE
Road America
Available 24/7/365, Road America provides complimentary towing and emergency services, including: lock-outs, fuel replacement, flat tire assistance and more.
 1 0 1 $250
Key Replacement
It happens. We know. So, if you lose your keys, we'll replace it under the Car Doc program. (They are expensive these days.)
 1 1 1 $300
12% Discount of Parts and Service & Accessories
From all weather floor mats to mufflers, the Car Doc program offers a discount of 12% on anything in our shop.
Access a complete vehicle history report through CARFAX. It's complimentary with the Car Doc program.
Vehicle Appraisal
Curious about the value of your vehicle? We'll do a complete inspection of your vehicle and provide you with a real-time appraisal figure.
$500 Towards Next Purchase of a New or Used Car
When it comes time to purchase your next vehicle, the Car Doc program provides a $500 Gift Certificate to be deducted from the purchase price. Cha-ching!
Free Loaner Car
Enjoy preferred and complimentary access to our fleet of loaner cars. Convenience is king with the Car Doc!

3 Year - $795 w/brakes $945
5 Year - $995 w/brakes $1295
Diesel - $1295 Brakes Not Available

They predict in 5 years you'll spend about $4,500 on maintenance. It's about $1,000 a year in maintenance and about $250 in repairs.
This is $3.43 a day. When added with the total, you'll get $9.78 a day. We're still not done. We need to add in tax and insurance. Once again most networks predict $1,000 a year. This really depends, where you park your 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan in Sacramento could put you at a higher risk insurance wise, as can how you drive, what your insurance covers and so much more! To make it simple we'll say $1,000 dollars a year. This would break down to $2.74 a day. $12.25 is our daily total, at least before tax. In California they pay a tax rate of 7%. This means that when you go buy a 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan, you will pay, $1,547 if you get it at MSRP.
When we add this into the total a 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan costs $4.54 more. So, our grand total to own a brand new 2015 Dodge Dart Sedan until its final drive at 200,000 miles would be $16.49 a day with everything except tolls fairs and tickets factored in. Once again remember, this is a rough estimate. It could be way more or less depending on your situation.
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